About us

Tatiana Libelle

Tatiana Libelle is a brand of exclusive and luxurious handicrafts. The fashion house specializes in the creation of women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, and also creates interior accessories. Tatyana Ferreira Ramos, the founder of the brand, is from Belarus. She received her first knitting lessons from her mother and grandmother when she was only five years old. Sometimes Tatyana returned to knitting during her school years in labor lessons. However, studying at school, and then at the university (it was the Belarusian State University, faculty of journalism) did not give free time for knitting. But when Tatyana became a mother (in the fall of 2009, her daughter Vitalina was born), at the age of 21, the woman again took up knitting tools. First of all, Tatiana created knitted items for herself and the baby. Then she began to accept orders from foreign lovers of exclusive handicrafts. When the master in the shortest possible time produced clothes for fashionistas in Austria, they began to call it Libelle, which means “dragonfly” in German. And this, in turn, is a symbol of speed, lightness and elegance. That is why Tatiana uses the word “Libelle” as a pseudonym. Today, people on almost all continents of the world wear our brand clothes. Our regular customers have already felt the quality and uniqueness of products that are created only from premium Italian yarns from the best manufacturers. We mainly use only natural ingredients: silk, cotton, linen, cashmere, merino, alpaca, mohair. For decoration we use high-quality mixes with sequins, beads and lurex. Tatiana sends 10% of the proceeds to help children with serious illnesses. The founder of the brand continues to create unique clothes and accessories with her own hands, despite a lot of organizational work. Today the company continues to grow and develop, creating jobs for other craftsmen. Tatiana conducts training and master classes in knitting and invites everyone to cooperate. Welcome to the world of Tatiana Libelle!